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The Haircut

It was 1992 and the Lubbock, Texas Community Center was beginning to empty as we showered and I finished quickly and waited in the lobby. The last two … [Read more...]

Is Soo Bahk Do Sweeter Than A Bag of Halloween Candy?

Is Soo Bahk Do® Sweeter Than A Bag of Halloween Candy? After all, Soo Bahk Do® can also empower a child to protect themselves from bullies even … [Read more...]

Where There Is Preparation There Is No Fear

On the front wall of my Instructor's dojang hung an oriental cloth inscribed with calligraphy that translated, "Where there is preparation there is … [Read more...]

Seven Characteristics of a Moo Duk Kwan® Quality Soo Bahk Do® Practitioner

What characteristics exemplify a Moo Duk Kwan® "quality practitioner"? Certainly, producing practitioners with technical excellence is a proud … [Read more...]